Fibre-Optic Networks for Distributed Extendible Heterogeneous Radio Architectures and Service Provisioning

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FUTON final review - 2010.11.18
Final project review and demo, TUD premises, Dresden
FUTON Face-to-Face meeting - 2009.12.28
FUTON Face-to-Face meeting - 2009.07.31
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Project abstract

The FUTON project aims to research, develop and validate a flexible architecture for wireless systems based on the joint processing of the radio signals from distinct remote antenna units and supported by a transparent fibre infrastructure. This architecture will enable the high bit rates targeted in the broadband component of future wireless systems and will provide a framework for the integration of heterogeneous wireless system.

Main objectives

  • Specify, design, implement and provide proof of concept for a hybrid optical-radio infrastructure enabling the high bit rates envisioned for 4G.
  • Exploit the potentialities offered by the infrastructure to develop mechanisms for inter-system coordination and optimum usage of the radio resources and provide the proof of concept.
  • Evaluate the implications on the current wireless architecture models of the FUTON concept.

FUTON at a glance

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